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A successful job search starts with a good career assessment strategy for career fit so that you target the right jobs and develop your personal brand to showcase your relevant experience and skills while networking and in your resumes, cover letters, and interviews.

Where to Start?

Don't know what kind of lawyer you want to be? Explore our Career Choice Series to get a taste of different practice areas and settings!

Career Satisfaction and Fit

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Job Search


Catapult Your Career

Professional Development

Catapult Your Career

Video | Building a professional network is critical for career success. But the process can be confusing and frustrating. Grover Cleveland, the author of “Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: The Essential Guide to Thriving as a New Lawyer” and Betsy Munnell, a 25-year Biglaw partner who helps lawyers build profitable, self-sustaining practices, provide concrete tips and strategies for networking success.

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