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Professional Development

Volunteering to Enhance Your Career

Presented by Jessica Ryckman, Adam Friedl, and Kathy Morris

Note: This is not for CLE. Part of the free Career Development Series, a monthly webinar series featuring practical tips from legal career experts. Live webinars are free and open to the public. The recorded program and materials are exclusively for ABA members.


A recent survey found that 41% of employers said they considered volunteer work as important as paid work, and 20% said they had made a hiring decision based on volunteer work.

Hear about these and other benefits of volunteer work and pro bono legal services from two lawyers dedicated to making a difference, so you can:

  • Grow professionally and personally while broadening your networks
  • Share and strengthen your skills while enjoying the satisfaction of helping others
  • Provide leadership for communities and causes while gaining recognition and respect
Group high-five for job well done.

Group high-five for job well done.


Jessica Ryckman, Deputy Director, Lawyers Without Borders (LWOB)

Adam Friedl, Program and Special Initiatives Manager, Pro Bono Net


Kathy Morris, Founder, Under Advisement, Ltd, Chicago, IL and New York, NY

Video and Materials

Download the Materials

Materials include:

  1. Presentation Slides
  2. The Importance of Being Present – Jake Hertz
  3. Pro Bono for the Courageous: Working with Human Trafficking Survivors – Jake Hertz
  4. International Pro Bono Opportunities