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Professional Development

Motivating Your Supervisors to Give It to You Straight

Presented by Sue Manch, Steve Armstrong, and Kathy Morris

Note: This is not for CLE. Part of the free Career Development Series, a monthly webinar series featuring practical tips from legal career experts. Live webinars are free and open to the public. The recorded program and materials are exclusively for ABA members.


Annual performance reviews can prompt celebrations an somber self-reflection, but they shouldn’t contain surprises. Do you know how to obtain constructive feedback on your assignments throughout the year? Hear professional development experts advise you on:

  • How to seek and survive comments on your work, even when they’re delivered harshly
  • Ways to comport and communicate while at review/feedback sessions… and some definite don’ts
  • Steps to manage your year-round performance and others’ perceptions of it
Candid and constructive conversation.

Candid and constructive conversation.


Sue Manch is the Firmwide Director of Learning and Development at Bingham. She was a founding principal of Shannon & Manch, LLP, where she concentrated exclusively on the legal profession, including a focus on attorney performance reviews and feedback sessions. Sue has an MEd in Clinical Counseling from the University of Virginia and a BA from Ohio University. She is based in Washington, DC.

Steve Armstrong is a principal of Firm Leader, Inc. He provides advisory and training services to law firms on evaluations and supervisory skills, among other areas, and was previously the Director of Career Development for DC and NY based national law firms. He was educated at Sussex University, the State University of NY at Buffalo, and Yale University. Steve now resides in San Diego, California and works internationally.

Kathy Morris, Founder, Under Advisement, Ltd., Chicago, IL and New York, NY

Video and Materials

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Materials include:

  1. Powerpoint
  2. Firm Leader, Inc. Constructive Feedback Techniques
  3. Make Your Performance Review a Positive Experience – Kathy Morris