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What Firms, Courts, and Practitioners Need to Know About Mental Health at Work

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Multiethnic group of serious people

Multiethnic group of serious people


Dan Berstein, a mediator living with bipolar disorder and Vice Chair of the Diversity Committee at the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution,  provides with a thirty-minute orientation to mental health in the legal workplace.  How do we develop empowering work environments while also being mindful of discrimination and productivity concerns? What is the best way to address challenging workplace behavior that may be mental-health related? Dan shares concrete tips and tools based on his experience working across the country with attorneys, workplaces, universities, mental health service providers, courts, and government agencies at the city, state, and federal level.  Learn more about Dan by watching his TEDxTalk at

Dan addresses these topics:

  • When and how to bring up mental health concerns to coworkers or provide resource referrals
  • Ways to effectively communicate about mental health without inadvertently becoming discriminatory
  • How to develop an accessible work process or environment that empowers people to take care of their mental health needs without disclosing
  • Options for disclosing a mental health condition and how an employer can respond to these disclosures
  • Providing support without enabling challenging behavior in the workplace, and how to address challenging behavior appropriately

This program is for any legal employer or employee looking for resources to be prepared and effective when approaching mental health issues in the workplace.

Speaker: Dan Berstein, MH Mediate, New York, NY

Video & Handout