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Professional Development

Leading and Managing Diversity, Inclusion, and High Performance

Presented by Robert White and E. Macey Russell

Note: This is not for CLE. Part of the free Career Development Series, a monthly webinar series featuring practical tips from legal career experts. Live webinars are free and open to the public. The recorded program and materials are exclusively for ABA members.


How can diversity and inclusion lead to high performance? Our esteemed panelists will share their perspectives on what diversity and inclusion mean, the progress we’ve made and the challenges we continue to face, and key strategies to successfully use diversity and inclusion as a tool for high performance.

Embracing diversity and inclusion.

Embracing diversity and inclusion.


Samorn Selim, Founder, Samorn Selim Coaching, San Francisco, CA


Robert White, Executive Director, CMCP (California Minority Counsel Program), San Francisco, CA

E. Macey Russell, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston, MA

Video and Materials