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Career Choice Series

Local Government Attorneys

Presented by Albert Asphall and Jaime Wojdowski

Note: This is not for CLE.  Live webinars are free and open to the public. The recorded program and materials are exclusively for ABA members.

The Career Choice Series is designed to help you choose your career path. Whether you’re a law student, young lawyer, or transitioning attorney, find out what it’s like to work in various practice areas and the best way to position yourself to get there.


Local government lawyers are employed by local authorities (such as a city or agency) to enforce city or state laws. The kind of law they practice is very different and variable depending on where they work. Jaime Wojdowski is a Lead Human Rights Officer/EEO Investigator for DC Office of Human Rights where she investigates claims of discrimination under the DC Human Rights Act acting as an alternative to court. Albert Asphall is an Assistant Corporation Counsel (aka Assistant City Attorney) for the City of Paterson, NJ, where he serves as a municipal prosecutor; advises local city departments such as the Health & Human Services, Public Works, and Fire Departments; and drafts resolutions and city ordinances. Our speakers will discuss what it’s like to work in local government, provide invaluable insight into how they broke into their respective positions, the pros and cons, and what a typical day in their practice entails. 


Albert Asphall, Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Paterson, NJ

Jaime Wojdowski, Lead Human Rights Officer/EEO Investigator, DC Office of Human Rights, Washington, DC


Lewis Check, Senior Professional Development Manager, Baker McKenzie, Chicago, IL

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A Career in Public Service as a Local Government Attorney
Local governments influence the flow of commerce within their boundaries and are the gateway for economic development projects in their communities, and local government attorneys play a critical role.

Video & Materials

The U.S. Department of Labor 2018 Occupational Employment Statistics reports that 56,320 lawyers work in local government across the nation.