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Patent Law

Note: This is not for CLE. Live webinars are free and open to the public. The recording and materials are exclusively available to ABA members.


The Career Choice Series is designed to help you choose your career path. Whether you’re a law student, young lawyer, or transitioning attorney, find out what it’s like to work in various practice areas and the best way to position yourself to get there.

In this segment, our speakers will explore patent law. Patents grant exclusive rights to inventors (whether working individually or on behalf of companies) to prevent others from using or otherwise exploiting their inventions for a period of time. Patented inventions can relate to products or processes in technology, gaming, wineries, agriculture, or any other industry. Patents are obtained and enforced on a global scale. Practicing in patent law can be transactional (assisting clients in obtaining, licensing, or evaluating patents) or litigious (representing clients in lawsuits for patent infringement).

Join our speakers as they share their pathways into patent law, what attracted them to it, the pros and cons, and what a typical day entails.

Locking down your client's ideas and inventions.

Locking down your client's ideas and inventions.


Stephanie L. Roberts, Associate, Steptoe, Washington, DC

George Washington Jordan, III, Senior Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright, Houston, TX

Skip Horne, Senior Assistant Dean, External Relations, Santa Clara University School of Law, Santa Clara, CA

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