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Men Negotiate More Aggressively With Women After Trump’s Election And What Women Can Do About It

By Avery Blank
Negotiating aggressively

Negotiating aggressively

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According to a controlled study by Wharton professor Corrine Low, men’s negotiation styles towards women became more aggressive after the 2016 U.S. presidential election. In a paper called “Trumping Norms” to be published next month in the American Economics Review, Low and her co-author Jennie Huang found that the “number of men who used a ‘hard commitment’ negotiation strategy against” women– using a take it or leave it approach – “went up by 140 percent from the pre-election sample.” Low says this number is “huge” based on her experience.

Knowing that the chances are now greater that men will be more aggressive towards women in negotiation, you can better advocate for and position yourself. Here are six ways to help respond to hardball male negotiation tactics that can lessen his aggressiveness and maintain your power:

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