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March 29, 2019

LinkedIn for the Reluctant Lawyer, Part II

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LinkedIn is a powerful business development tool if you know how to use. In Part I of a two-part article series, Elizabeth H. Munnell, business development coach, career consultant, and ABA Career Center Chair, went over the basics of how to create a compelling LinkedIn profile and now she completes her tutorial with how to create a manageable engagement strategy complete with a checklist of the top 20 tips you should follow to see results.

Connecting on social media.

Connecting on social media.

In my view, LinkedIn is not a good place for a lawyer to self-promote directly. It is not even the ideal place for a lawyer to showcase her law firm. Rather, LinkedIn is a platform for communicating, even collaborating with—and promoting—others. And, should you elect to become active on the platform, you can gain real career traction and build a compelling brand by offering news, information and analysis of interest and value to your network, and by investing the time to communicate, directly and frequently, with your contacts and find ways to assist them.
Here are my suggestions for gearing up, taking aim, and making the very most out of this exceptionally powerful social media platform.

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