LinkedIn for the Reluctant Lawyer, Part I

By Elizabeth H. Munnell

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Connecting on social media.

Connecting on social media.

In the first of two parts, learn how to fully adapt and refresh your LinkedIn profile from Elizabeth H. Munnell, business development coach, career consultant, partner, and ABA Career Center Chair.

From crafting an appropriate summary to customizing your feed, part one covers everything you need to know and more.

Too many lawyers have a minimalist Heading, from which they leap directly to Experience and Education, skipping the all-important Summary, and squandering what could be their only opportunity to tell the reader what makes them different and how they will add value as an advisor. This is a mistake, even for those who graduated from top-tier schools.
Be sure you know your firm’s social media policy and the rules on lawyer advertising in your jurisdiction. In a number of jurisdictions, a lawyer is not permitted by law to claim to be an “expert” or “specialist” without satisfying the legal requirements for doing so. So watch your step when you write your Heading and Summary, fill in details under Experience, and craft the Skills and Endorsements sections.
Take the time to connect with all your professional contacts, new and old.

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