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Career Insights Podcast

Lawyers and Public Life – Part 2 of 2

Podium with microphones.

Podium with microphones.

ABA Career Center's new podcast series is designed to explore with legal practitioners cutting-edge issues, trends and practices impacting the legal profession and lawyers entering and growing in the profession.  Each podcast will be led by an experienced interviewer who will introduce a subject that is current and will involve leading experts, academicians, and practitioners reacting to the interviewer’s questions

In our debut podcast, Professor Thomas E. Patterson, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, interviews two legal scholars, Shauna L. Shames (Rutgers) and Nick Robinson (Yale), who have published scholarly works examining lawyers in politics. The podcast briefly examines the historical nexus of law and politics and how recent political events have created a renewed interest in public service and public affairs.

This podcast concludes the discussion, touching on how lawyers might run for public office, opportunities available, implications for law school curricula, and special considerations for millennials.

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