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How Successful People Get Help With Their Careers Without Asking For It

By Avery Blank

This article was originally published on Forbes.


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It can be difficult to ask for help from your colleagues, friends or family. You do not want to feel like you are taking advantage of them. There is a way to inspire others to want to help without putting anyone an uncomfortable position. What is it? It is an expression of gratitude: Thank You.

Giving thanks is simple yet powerful.  “Thank you” shows your gratitude. What motivates others is knowing that their time and efforts are appreciated. Successful people know to always say “thank you” because they realize that their own success is based on the assistance of others. And people want to help appreciative individuals to succeed. Here are six ways to thank others that will inspire them to further help you and your career:

Smiling and being friendly while working together.

Smiling and being friendly while working together.

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