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How Introverts Can Build Business Without Burnout

By Anusia Gillespie, JD, MBA
Avoiding burnout

Avoiding burnout

Anusia Gillespie, JD, MBA | Principal Consultant | banava

The key to maximizing our talents is for us all to put ourselves in the zone of stimulation that is right for us.
Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts.

60% of attorneys are introverts.[1]

First, what is introversion, exactly? It is not “shyness.” The difference between introversion and extroversion (or “extraversion,” whatever your preference) lies in where a person turns for stimulation. Introverts get gratification from their own interests, thoughts, and feelings. They turn to their own mental life for stimulation. Extroverts, on the other hand, crave and are energized by large amounts of external stimuli. The introverted nature of most attorneys is an asset in their legal work, but can prove challenging when it comes to marketing functions. The standard business development practice to attend networking events and accept speaking opportunities is uncomfortable for introverts. And, more importantly, it is physically draining. Why would you engage in activities that leave you drained and distracted from your real work?

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