Getting the Most from Your Time by Working Effectively with Others

By Marcia Pennington Shannon
Leading an efficient team meeting.

Leading an efficient team meeting.

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Time management is not about getting more done in less time. It is about having the time to accomplish the things that are important to you. That may mean building and maintaining a successful practice, writing the next great American novel, traveling to remote lands, or spending more time with family and friends. How we use our time says a lot about what we value. If what you value is inconsistent with how you spend the majority of your time, you’re probably due to make some changes so that the two are congruent.
In this installment, we’ll focus on people management—working with and through others to accomplish your goals more efficiently. The essential strategies are communicating clearly, delegating capably, controlling interruptions and managing upward, which are all tools that will help you use your time in a more value-added way.

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