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4 Steps to an Annual Career Audit

Cheryl Rich Heisler


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It's almost a new year which causes many to reflect on their accomplishments and goals for the coming year. Just like an annual tax audit, Cheryl Rich Heisler argues you should be conducting a career audit as well.

Doing what I call an annual career audit can help ensure you make smart decisions about career opportunities as they arise. Let’s walk through the steps.
  1. Start a filing system. 
  2. Understand your requirements. 
  3. Evaluate the benefits offered against the benefits of staying in place.
  4. Invest in yourself.

Cheryl Rich Heisler

President and Founder, Lawternatives

Cheryl Rich Heisler is the president and founder of the Chicago-based Lawternatives, a career consultancy helping lawyers transition into careers inside, outside, and around the law. She has worked in industries ranging from BigLaw to brand management for a Fortune 100 company to hosting a radio feature on career issues to outplacement consulting. She’s also a board member of the ABA Career Center.