Meeting Reports

Meeting Reports

Keynote Address
2011 Arvid Anderson Award Recipient
A Brief History of Public Sector Labor & Employment Law (PDF, 89MB)

Jerome Lefkowitz
New York Public Employment Relations Board
New York, New York

Subcommittee Report: Impact of Federal Legislation (PDF)

David Fernstrum
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Timothy Hawks
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dan Nielsen
Racine, Wisconsin

Special Report
State Legislators Target Public Sector Labor Rights: Where Are We Today? (PDF)

Joseph Slater
University of Toledo College of Law
Toledo, Ohio

Special Debate:
Why Is Public Sector Collective Bargaining the Target?

Toward a Grand Bargain (PDF, 5MB) | Battle Over Public Sector (PDF) | Debunking the Myth (PDF, 10.6MB) | Getting It Right (PDF, 23MB) | Wisconsin Employees (PDF, 12MB) | Outline (PDF) | Heywood-Bender (PDF)

Joel D’Alba
Asher, Gittler & D’Alba, Ltd.
Chicago, Illinois

Powerpoint | Main Article (PDF) | Bibliography (PDF) | Brief (PDF)

Daniel DiSalvo
Manhattan Institute
New York, New York

Subcommittee Report: Grievance Arbitration (PDF)

Kevin Harty
Lansing, Michigan

Jennifer Poltrock
Chicago, Illinois

Arthur Riegel
Hewlett Harbor, New York

Subcommittee Report: Practice & Procedure –Jurisdiction of State Commissions and Unit Determination Issues (PDF)

Aaron Granger
Columbus, Ohio

Anna Hamburg-Gal
Chicago, Illinois

Aaron Janik
Chicago, Illinois

Subcommittee Report: Interest Arbitration (PDF)

Gary Bailey
Chicago, Illinois

Robert Smith
Chicago, Illinois

Subcommittee Report: Practice & Procedure –Unfair Labor Practices and Scope of Bargaining

Report (PDF, 5MB)

Michele Cotrupe
Chicago, Illinois

Report (PDF)

D. Lynn Morison
Detroit, Michigan

Subcommittee Report: Constitutional Issues–Due Process (PDF, 89MB)

Mark Olson
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Subcommittee Report: Ethics in the Practice of Public Sector Labor & Employment Law (PDF)

James Allmendinger
Concord, New Hampshire

Lewis Brewer
Charleston, West Virginia

Steve Weld
Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Subcommittee Report: Constitutional Issues–First Amendment

Paper (PDF)

Marc J. Bloch
Cleveland, Ohio

Paper (PDF)

Lisa Salkovitz Kohn 
Chicago, Illinois

Subcommittee Report: Constitutional Issues –Rights of Members and Non-Members (PDF)

Gary Messing
Sacramento, California

Barry Simon
Arlington Heights, Illinois

Subcommittee Report: States without Bargaining Legislation (PDF)

Danielle Carne
Madison, Wisconsin

Martin Kehoe
Springfield, Illinois