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Syria Current Rule of Law Programs

Access to Justice and Human Rights

Advancing Human Rights

In 2013, ABA ROLI conducted nearly 900 interviews with randomly selected Syrian refugees living in Jordan and Lebanon to document human rights violations and to impartially and accurately present identified categories of violations occurring inside Syria, from quantitative and qualitative perspectives. All respondents had fled their homes in Syria starting in March 2011, when the conflict there began.

In addition to documenting individual instances of human rights and humanitarian-law violations, the report details respondent’s allegations about who perpetrated the abuses, which included Syrian government forces and their affiliates as well as anti-regime armed groups. The full report can be found here: Reasons for Displacement: Documenting Abuses Against Syrian Civilians, 2013

Increasing access to justice

Starting in September 2014, ABA ROLI, in coordination with local and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), began to train Turkish lawyers, preparing them to deliver legal awareness group sessions and individual legal consultations to the urban Syrian refugee population across Turkey. The legal awareness sessions will address such issues as registration, employment and housing in the host country, as well as family relationships. ABA ROLI will also employ a separate, targeted approach to dealing with issues facing women and young girls. Legal awareness sessions will address gender-specific issues, such as divorce, inheritance, work permits and the custody of children under Turkish law. ABA ROLI-trained lawyers refer Syrians in need of legal assistance to (the legal aid office of) the local Bar Association.