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Juvenile Offenders Receive Targeted Support to Decrease Recidivism

July 2012

Together with local partner Bayt al Hikma, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) opened a pilot day reporting center (DRC) for juveniles at the Child Protection Center (CPC) in Casablanca, Morocco. The center, which opened in June, aims to support non-detained juvenile offenders and to prevent recidivism.

Under current procedure, Moroccan police send all arrested juveniles to a CPC after initial processing. Under the ABA ROLI-supported DRC pilot project, a social worker at the CPC conducts an initial evaluation of juveniles, which helps participating judges determine if a juvenile should be detained at the CPC or if the juvenile should report daily to the DRC. Those juveniles assigned to the DRC are monitored on an ongoing basis and are provided appropriate care in a non-detention setting. This includes support from social workers and from medical staff, including doctors and psychologists or psychiatrists.

In its first two months of operation, the DRC has provided services to 38 juveniles, all of whom are accused of non-violent offenses such as vagrancy, drug possession or prostitution. Professional evaluations have determined that approximately 25 percent suffer from drug addiction and that another 25 percent suffer from psychological issues; these juveniles receive addiction and psychological counseling to aid in their rehabilitation.

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