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Algeria National Judicial Institute Pilots E-Learning Course

E-learning modules are developed in Algeria to improve and modernize legal education

E-learning modules are developed in Algeria to improve and modernize legal education

October 2008

In October, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) piloted an e-learning course on the Algerian Family Code for law students and experts at the national judicial training school, Ecole Supérieure de la Magistrature (ESM). The three-day workshop, which was held in Algiers, is part of ABA ROLI’s regional program in the Middle East and North Africa to develop an innovative e-learning judicial curriculum that provides judges with standardized, quality information on international gender equality principles and local family codes.

During the first day of the workshop, ABA ROLI presented a comprehensive overview of the e-learning project to more than 200 second-year law students and two representatives of the ESM. During the day, trainers explained the value of online learning to maximize learning opportunities without the constraints of location or time. ABA ROLI staff demonstrated how to locate and navigate the modules online. On day two, a smaller group of 12 students took the online course while five ESM experts who authored the modules observed. The students, many of whom had little experience using the Internet, were very excited about using the program and downloading materials for the first time. The students also provided feedback for enhancing previous modules and developing new ones. The final day, which included just the ESM authors, was led by an e-learning specialist who presented techniques and methods for improving the modules.

ABA ROLI is working to develop and improve the online course, and to incorporate it into ESM’s curriculum. As part of the regional program, ABA ROLI has successfully partnered with ministries of justice and national judicial institutes in four countries to develop more than 20 modules. Through this effort ABA ROLI is supporting the modernization of judicial education and expanding its reach in these countries.