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Counter Trafficking in Persons in Morocco

After opening an office in Rabat in 2005, ABA ROLI worked on 20 projects focused on gender-based violence, legal education, human rights, anti-corruption, gender parity, and local governance. Beginning in 2018, ABA ROLI began its work in Morocco in the anti-trafficking space by supporting Morocco’s National Committee to counter trafficking in persons (TIP); training of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and NGO staff increased identification of victims and the provision of legal services. ABA ROLI addressed key operational gaps at the national and regional levels. Regional working groups in Casablanca, Beni Mellal, and Tangiers supported the Moroccan National TIP Commission in its creation of a national referral mechanism; survivor-centered and trauma-informed training and resources for judges, prosecutors, and police aimed to improve victim identification, survivor protections, and access to services guaranteed by the law; and new regional networks of civil society organizations and lawyers assisted victims to make informed legal choices, protect their confidentiality, and present defenses in the event of prosecution.