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Supporting Reconciliation and Justice

In September 2023, ABA ROLI began implementing the Libya Reconciliation and Justice Activity (LRJA). The project’s goal is to strengthen the capacities of local and national authorities to develop and implement reconciliation initiatives and transitional justice (TJ) processes that promote sustainable peace, address grievances, and advance a durable political transition in Libya; and ensure that victims, survivors, and communities, and CSOs have the knowledge and opportunities to engage meaningfully in national and local reconciliation initiatives and TJ processes. LRJA envisages supporting local and national government institutions to develop a clear policy and legal framework for reconciliation processes and, ultimately, TJ in Libya; preparing state and judicial sector actors to implement appropriate mechanisms. ABA ROLI will also support alignment between ongoing local processes and national efforts; and build on existing reconciliation processes, including in Murzuq, to drive grassroots change that reverberates at the national level. LRJA will strengthen the capacity and role of CSOs and victims’ rights groups to actively participate in TJ and reconciliation, enabling efforts to expand on current dialogue processes and implement new reconciliation initiatives to address past grievances.