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Countering Hate Speech and Disinformation in Libya

In 2020, ABA ROLI began implementing two consecutive programs with support from USAID centered on three areas affecting the political transition – national and local reconciliation, support for the constitutional process, and countering hate speech and disinformation (HSD). In coordination with Libyan civil society, justice sector members, and media actors, ABA ROLI assisted local actors in countering these malign influences by increasing public awareness of HSD, and by developing and implementing strategies that combatted HSD but also, and crucially, respected freedom of expression. Through this program, ABA ROLI has: conducted research to inform evidence-based policies on HSD; supported media campaigns against HSD, implementation of youth digital literacy initiatives, and the administration of civil society training related to establishing campaigns for media accountability against HSD; facilitated fact-checking and HSD monitoring; and engaged parliament and legal sector actors in considering the development of a legal framework to counter HSD.