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September 01, 2014

Audio: Criminal Justice Reforms in Peru (in Spanish)

September 2014

The ABA Rule of Law Initiative collaborated with Peruvian experts to develop 16 radio public service announcements (PSAs) about the country’s ongoing criminal justice reforms. The PSAs cover various topics, including the presumption of innocence, victims’ rights, the roles of the public defender and the national police, and citizen arrests. Designed to raise public awareness of the accusatorial criminal justice system that Peru began implementing in 2006, the PSAs demonstrate how the new system affects citizens’ day-to-day lives.

The 16 PSAs are listed below:

16. Evidence

This episode features Romy Chang private defense attorney and Walther Delgado Tovar supranational anti-corruption prosecutor.

15. Investigation

This episode features Luis Torbio private defense attorney and criminalistics expert and Carla León Aguilar federal prosecutor.

14. Alternative Dispute Resolution 

This episode features Fany Quispe provincial prosecutor and Joel Segura assistant state anti-corruption attorney.

This episode features Miluska Romero provincial Prosecutor and Vladimir Padilla private defense attorney.

12. Protection of Rights Hearing

This episode features Alcides Chinchay assistant federal prosecutor and Judge Victor Enriquez.

11. The Appeal Hearing

This episode features Pablo Sánchez federal prosecutor and superior court judge Bonifacio Meneses.

10. The Importance of Hearings

This episode features Christian Salas state anti-corruption attorney and Carlos Caro private defense attorney.

9. The Phases of Criminal Proceedings 

This episode features Juan Carlos Sánchez Balbuena investigative judge and Fernando Ugaz private defense attorney.

8. Citizen Arrest and Identity Contr

This episode features Marcos Carrasco Campos Provincial Prosecutor and Hugo Arescurenaga Inchaustegui Coronel of the Peruvian National Police.

7. Citizen Arrest and Identity Control

This episode features prosecutor Omar Tello and Romy Chang private defense attorney.

6. The Victim and the Criminal Proceedings

This episode features Luis Francia of the Public Defender’s Office and federal prosecutor Rosario López Wong.

5. The Role of the Judge

This episode features Superior Court Judge Susana Castañeda and Julio Espinoza, private defense attorney.

4. The Role of Public Defense
This episode features assistant federal prosecutor Alcides Chinchay and head of criminal public defense Carlos Rodríguez.

3. The Role of the Prosecutor’s Office

This episode features federal prosecutor Frank Almanza and private defense attorney Fernando Ugaz. 

2. The Role of the National Police

This episode features Victor Yalpén, technical secretary of the Prosecutor’s Office Technical Team for the Implementation of the New Criminal Procedure Code and Holguer Obando, commander of the Peruvian National Police.

1. Transparency and the Limits of the New Criminal Proceedings

This episode features Carlos Vásquez, technical secretary of the Special Commission on the Implementation of the New Criminal Procedure Code, and Vladimir Padilla, a private defense attorney.