Haiti Programs

Promoting a Capable and Accountable Criminal Justice Sector

Haitian Judicial Transparency Program

ABA ROLI is assisting the government of Haiti to establish a capable and accountable criminal justice sector to disrupt organized crime and other increasing threats to public security. Through its Haitian Judicial Transparency Program, ABA ROLI conducts institutional strengthening through technical assistance for the Haitian Judicial Inspections Unit on judicial inspections, disciplinary inspections and thematic missions and technical assistance to the Haitian Superior Council of the Judiciary on disciplinary hearings. ABA ROLI also conducts mentoring for judicial inspectors to assist them in their roles and ensure they have the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively.

Program to Strengthen the Haitian Justice Sector 

ABA ROLI’s Program to Strengthen the Haitian Justice Sector works to strengthen the technical capacity of the Haitian justice sector to effectively investigate, prosecute and adjudicate criminal cases in accordance with current and anticipated criminal legislation. ABA ROLI has worked to increase the effectiveness of investigative judges and to improve procedures and oversight at Port-au-Prince police stations. Finally, ABA ROLI is assisting with the creation of mentoring groups for Haitian police, judges and prosecutors to further reinforce skills to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate financial crimes.

Our work has created a partnership between institutions such as, Haiti’s Magistrate School and the National Police Academy that are critical to the effectiveness of the justice system and that will strengthen ties between the Haitian judiciary and law enforcement. These inter-institutional cross-trainings provide an overview of local and international legislation, best practices and incorporate interactive exercises aimed at improving cooperation between Haitian judges and police. ABA ROLI also holds specialized trainings for the justice sector, including ethics trainings and human trafficking awareness trainings that increase collaboration among key stakeholders.