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Belize Programs

Criminal Law Reform and Anti-Human Trafficking

In Belize, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) worked to strengthen the capacity of Belizean justice sector institutions—the courts, prosecutors’ offices and the police department—to manage transnational crimes, such as money laundering and narcotics trafficking, more efficiently and effectively. ABA ROLI’s work enabled police and prosecutors to better coordinate their investigation and prosecution of these cases. ABA ROLI also helped draft a strategic plan to reform the juvenile justice system in the country to focus on the rising challenges facing youth in the country.

ABA ROLI incorporated key stakeholders in the process, ensuring local input and cooperation. In-country partners included representatives from the Supreme Court, the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Belize Police Department and civil society. These counterparts advised ABA ROLI on programming to improve the effective management of narcotics and transnational crime cases, focusing on (1) building police and prosecutor capacity to address transnational crimes, while promoting cross-institution coordination; and (2) supporting strategic planning for effective juvenile justice systems, as well as post-prison rehabilitation and reintegration programs.