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Barbados Programs

As a popular tourist destination, Barbados also serves as a transit route for traffickers engaged in transnational organized crime — fomenting an environment ideal for trafficking in persons (TIP). For two consecutive years, Barbados was classified as “Tier 2” in the U.S Department of State’s (DOS) TIP Report. The country fell under this classification because of its insufficient efforts to prosecute cases, protect victims, and proactively prevent TIP.

Since 2020, ABA ROLI has worked to support the Barbados' Office of the Attorney General, the judiciary, and immigration and customs officers to tackle, identify, and prosecute human trafficking in the country. Our program has responded to this need with country-specific and situational assessments, educational sessions, and the creation of manuals for justice sector actors.

Identifying Existing Gaps in the Barbados’ Anti-trafficking Response 

In conjunction with an assessment of the situation and the country’s response to TIP, we developed a training curriculum for the judiciary and for immigration and custom officers that will help increase the prevention and prosecution of these crimes. 

Building Capacity of Judges and Prosecutors Response to Human Trafficking 

In collaboration with Barbados’ Office of the Attorney General, ABA ROLI organized training workshops for judges and prosecutors on enforcing existing anti-trafficking legislation while protecting the rights and well-being of human trafficking survivors. A prosecutorial guide was also created to help judges and prosecutors strengthen their skills in prosecuting crimes of this nature. 

Enhancing Immigration and Customs Officer Skills to Prevent Human Trafficking 

To support the country’s border response to prevent TIP, ABA ROLI developed and delivered training workshops to immigration and customs officers on identifying human trafficking cases. Similarly to our work with judges and prosecutors, ABA ROLI also developed a practical guide for these officers to help them prevent this kind of crime.

Barbados Attorney General Permanent Secretary, Yvette Goddard (shown below) gave opening remarks on behalf of the Government of Barbados for the ABA ROLI-led Immigration and Customs Officers Training Workshop on TIP on March 16, 2021.