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ABA ROLI Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct

The Safeguarding Policy is a consolidation of various ABA policies and contains new policy statements applicable only to ABA ROLI. This Policy is designed to protect employees, Contractors, Implementing Partners, and Beneficiaries from harm by inadvertent or deliberate actions that place them at risk resulting from ABA ROLI activities. It is further designed to assist Implementing Partners in and outside the United States (U.S.) to think about risks and mitigation strategies throughout the entire program cycle (planning, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation), and to minimize or compensate for risks that are unavoidable, unknown, or hard to predict, including unintended negative consequences. The policy statements set out the position of ABA ROLI in relation to all programs implemented and supported by ABA ROLI worldwide, and its expectations of Implementing Partners.

ABA ROLI Safeguarding Policy

ABA ROLI Safeguarding Code of Conduct