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JUSTRAC Program Background

ABA ROLI's Justice Sector Training, Research, and Coordination program (JUSTRAC) prioritizes fostering collaboration and bolstering evidence-based initiatives among justice sector and anti-corruption practitioners within and beyond the U.S. Government. Through JUSTRAC, ABA ROLI actively contributes to the implementation of the United States Strategy on Countering Corruption by developing a Learning Agenda aimed at addressing crucial knowledge gaps. Additionally, ABA ROLI facilitates the JUSTRAC Anti-Corruption Community of Practice, which serves to amplify U.S. interagency coordination and foster engagement with civil society regarding emerging anti-corruption themes.

Resources from ABA ROLI's Previous JusTRAC+ program

Justice Sector Measurement Community Of Practice Meetings

This series of meetings were held between November 2020 and November 2022, and addressed topics like court responses and services during COVID 19; court adaptations post-COVID; environmental justice-focused foreign assistance programs; and gender, equity, and inclusion analysis in the criminal justice context.

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Justice Sector Measurement Talks

The Measurement Talks built upon two themes addressed by the JusTRAC+ Community of Practice on Justice Sector Measurement – tools for measurement of success in judicial reform programs and the use of data in justice sector measurement. This four-event part series was held between September 2021 and October 2022.

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Community Of Practice Meetings Focused on the Nexus of Transnational Crime and Corruption

These meetings offer participants an opportunity to gain insights to inform their work and to delve deeper into ways of addressing issues around transnational organized crime that can later inform approaches for the prevention, mitigation, and enforcement of the broad range transnational organized crimes addressed by the USG. These meetings were held between February 2021 and February 2023.

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Virtual Symposium Series: Transnational Organized Crime, Rule of Law, and Corruption

To aid the USG Justice Reform workforce to better meet these self-obscuring, mutually reinforcing threats—such as massive economic, political, social, and human costs that impede development goals across every aspect of human endeavor—the JUSTRAC+ program organized a Symposium Series focused on new tools, practices, and programs at the intersection of these three issue areas. This events took place between January 2021 and March 2021.

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Interagency Roundtable Series: Strengthening Coordination to Counter Corruption Abroad – the New U.S. Strategy

This series, held over the course of a week, brought together key contributors to articulate how changes to the USG’s approach to corruption—as described in the Strategy’s pillars and objectives—will be achieved, and how these are envisioned to advance the Strategy’s desired end states. The series took place in April 2022.

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