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April 05, 2007

Ukraine Launches Counter-Human Trafficking Project and Diversifies Funding Sources


In an effort to seek new and diverse funding sources for its programs, the Rule of Law Initiative's Ukraine office has developed a number of new project proposals that seek funding from European and other non-U.S. funding sources. The first project to achieve success under this diversified funding plan, launched in March 2007, focuses on counter-human trafficking and the development of a model Confiscation Fund in Ukraine. The project is funded by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), and aims at assessing the existing confiscation procedures and institutional framework in Ukraine, moving towards the possibility of creating a crime-specific Confiscation Fund or criminal asset forfeiture mechanism.

The objective of the project is to provide an overview and analysis into comparable mechanisms of crime-specific Confiscation Funds being implemented in other countries, such as the U.S., Australia, United Kingdom and Germany, in order to adapt those program models to a crime-specific Confiscation Fund for human trafficking crimes in Ukraine. The initial phase of this project will be a four month assessment exercise to conduct the comparative analysis, as well as determine the level of receptiveness and interest in the concept by the relevant Ukrainian authorities and agencies. If the concept is accepted by the relevant authorities, the project may continue to be developed and implemented in Ukraine.