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June 11, 2007

NGOs and Legal Clinic Partners in Ukraine Receive Human Resource Management Training


On May 22-24, 2007, the Rule of Law Initiative conducted a three-day Human Resource Management Workshop for the management and leaders of 20 partner advocacy organizations and legal aid clinics in Odessa.  The aim of the workshop was to give an overview of the role and importance of human resource management in an organization, with a specific focus on human resource management for NGOs.

During the training, participants received information about the life cycles of organizations and the specific features of each of these cycles.  The role of human resource management in strategic planning was also featured.  Special attention was paid to the importance of leadership in an organization, as well as the various roles needed in organizations with their corresponding managerial influence. Participants also received information about organizational politics in the sphere of human resource management.  A special session was dedicated to conflicts in organizations and proposed methods of resolving them.  Partner organizations also benefited from sessions on motivation, especially non-financial methods.  

A very interactive style was used in this workshop, including mini-lectures followed by discussions, group sessions, individual work with questionnaires, role-playing, as well as question and answer formats.  As follow-up, more information on these topics will be provided to participants through a monthly e-mail newsletter provided to all members of the ABA-Ukraine NGO network, the first issue of which will be disseminated on May 31, 2007.