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May 04, 2007

Rule of Law Initiative Featured in U.S. Chamber of Commerce Magazine in Ukraine


The Rule of Law Initiative-Ukraine’s growing expertise in the area of anti-corruption has been recognized and featured in the March edition of the American Chamber of Commerce’s publication in Ukraine, Commerce: Successful Business in Ukraine.  Deputy Country Director Tanya Khavanska drafted a Comment Article on the impact of corruption to the business and investment community in Ukraine, which was featured in the publication’s recent edition devoted entirely to the issue of corruption.

In the article, Ms. Khavanska outlined the impact that corruption creates in distorting economic decision-making, deterring investment, undermining competitiveness, and ultimately weakening economic growth. The article also laid out measures which could be undertaken by the government of Ukraine to reduce corruption through a variety of legal and institutional reforms, including streamlined business regulations, stronger customs and tax administration, trade liberalization, policy reforms, improvement of the procurement system, and reform of the civil service and judicial systems.

Commerce: Successful Business in Ukraine is distributed on a monthly basis to over 10,000 national and international businesses, as well as on all business class airline flights in and out of Ukraine.

  • Read "Getting out of the Shadow of Corruption" by Ukraine Deputy Country Director Tanya Khavanka, in the March issue of Commerce: Successful Business in Ukraine