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Supporting Tajikistan’s Rule of Law Landscape (STROLL)

The Supporting Tajikistan's Rule of Law Landscape program (STROLL), funded by the US Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL), was launched in September 2022, and aims to enhance the rule of law and legal institutions in Tajikistan. The program focuses on building a fair, accountable, and transparent criminal justice system through developing and strengthening the Ministry of Justice’s legal defense provisions and bolstering the capacity of the Union of Advocates.

Recent accomplishments of the program include:

  • Trained representatives of the Union of Advocates governing bodies on the use of different online platforms for virtual communication, meetings, and training.
  • Conducted a workshop on the international experience in implementing mentoring/internship frameworks for young lawyers.
  • Conducted “Standards of Disciplinary Proceedings” training session to introduce the Union of Advocates to international disciplinary practices and systems within the legal profession.
  • Organized workshops to equip the Union’s Board and continuing learning education staff with basic skills to update and design online courses, as well as develop their online trainer skills. The workshops helped expand the Union’s online learning platform.