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ABA ROLI Launches a Legal Aid Clinic in Transnistria

On April 29, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) launched its firstlegal aid clinic in Tiraspol at the Moscow Academy of Law & Economics. ABAROLI funds the clinic’s operations, while the academy provides space and facilities.

The clinic’s attorney and law faculty supervisors will train law students inpractical skills, including interviewing, consultation and representation of clients, as well as methods of alternative dispute resolution. Under supervision, law students will work with real cases and clients, enhancing their practical skills while providing free legal assistance to those who needit. In the Transnistrian region, the lecture-dominated legal training does notprovide students with the practical skills required to adequately represent clients upon graduation. The clinic will help produce more experienced andconfident lawyers who are better able to promote the rule of law in theircommunities.

Noting that ABA ROLI is one of the few implementers in the region, therector of the academy welcomed this first collaboration between the institution and a western donor. He said that although the Transnistrian region is not seeking European Union integration, it is still advantageous for the students to learn and familiarize themselves with the teaching methods their counterparts experience abroad.

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