Moldova Background

ABA ROLI has supported Moldova’s Prosecutor General Office (PGO) in undertaking significant internal reforms. This has led to engagement with leadership in a strategic development process. The work resulted in a comprehensive management and leadership training course institutionalized by the National Institute of Justice, and was made available to chief prosecutors and deputy chief prosecutors. ABA ROLI’s programs have supported student legal clinics, a traveling-lawyer program, and specialized pro bono legal services.

Through past and current programming, ABA ROLI has sought to build stronger institutions, train local change makers to more effectively uphold the rule of law, and provide essential access to justice for vulnerable citizens. ABA ROLI’s longstanding support to young legal professionals through training and professional development initiatives contributed to the creation of two new professional associations in 2019 - Association of Prosecutors for Order and Justice and Association of Judges “Voice of Justice.”

Among the most notable accomplishments, ABA ROLI’s activities in Moldova include:

- ABA ROLI supported the implementation of the country’s 2011-2016 Strategy for Judicial Sector Reform and Action Plan, and worked with the PGO to advance its technical and leadership skills.

- ABA ROLI supported the development of the Strategic Development Plan (2016-2020) for the Prosecution Service (PS), which enhanced the PS’s capacity to design and implement reform initiatives.

- ABA ROLI has supported the PGO’s office in undertaking significant internal reforms.

- ABA ROLI supported the establishment of Lawyers’ Training Center, and assisted its implementation of the initial training curriculum for legal apprentices.

- Through training and professional development initiatives, ABA ROLI contributed to the creation in 2019 of two new professional associations— Association of Prosecutors for Order and Justice and Association of Judges “Voice of Justice.”