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October 01, 2008

ABA ROLI Analyses Kyrgyzstan’s Draft Freedom of Assembly Law

October 2008

 In May 2008, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative completed an analysis of Kyrgyzstan’s draft legislation on freedom of assembly. The analysis highlights how Kyrgyzstan’s proposed freedom of assembly legislation falls short of international standards. The draft law would give the Kyrgyzstan government the power to restrict demonstrations in a number of broad circumstances. Under the draft law, there would be few protections of the right to spontaneously assemble in peaceful protests. Even when permitted, strict limits would be imposed on the location and duration of assemblies.

Freedom House has placed the analysis of the draft law on the Voice of Freedom Central Asia’s website, to inform a wide audience about the contents of the draft law.  Please follow the links below to read the full text of the analysis of the draft law in English and Russian respectively: