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Kyrgyzstan Background

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) launched its program in Kyrgyzstan in 1993. Over the years, programs have worked with a wide range of people throughout the country, including law students, judges, defense attorneys and youth populations. ABA ROLI’s current work supports the legal defense community through targeted trainings and partnerships that strengthen legal education and professional capacity, as defense attorneys remain fairly unregulated and unsupported by the government despite the implementation of legal reforms. Its programs also support legal clinics that grant students opportunities for growth and allow indigent clients to receive pro bono legal assistance. In response to the links between wildlife trafficking and corruption issues, ABA ROLI has pushed forward efforts to combat the issue in Kyrgyzstan. These efforts will focus on training and equipping  justice sector actors with the tools they need for investigating and prosecuting wildlife crimes in the country.