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July 09, 2007

Kosovo Women Share Experience & Advice at Conference on Women in Law


The ABA Rule of Law Initiative, together with the Committee for Gender andMinorities of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates, recently hosted the “Women inLaw in Kosovo” conference, a one day event that offered a unique forum todiscuss obstacles and challenges for women in the legal sector.  Martha Barnett, former president of the ABA,presided over the conference which brought women law students and leading womenin the legal profession together in Pristina. 

Tina Kaidanow, Chief of Mission of the U.S. Office in Kosovo opened theconference, stressing the important role women play in creating a diverse,strong legal system.  Barnett shared her experiences as a lawyer in the US and pointedto progress in the past three decades.

”In the last decades, considerable progress has been shown in the United Stateswith regard to the role of women in the legal profession,” Barnett explained inher address to the students.  “But it is not too long a time ago when the US had the samesituation as Kosovo has now.”

Barnett urged her fellow panelists and the law school students to establisha network of women lawyers and create channels for better and broadercommunication.

Many media outlets covered the conference including several dailynewspapers, the evening news, a national TV morning show, and two national TVfeature programs that produced shows on the topic of women’s representation inthe legal profession and included interviews with Barnett.

Students who attended the event found the conference to be a rareopportunity for law students and recent graduates to learn about the challengesfacing women in Kosovo’s legal sector.  The conference also offered them achance to experience the support network they can access as they endeavor toenter the legal profession.

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