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April 01, 2009

Scholarship Offers an American Experience to Two Kosovar Students

April 2009

Two Kosovar students, Kaltrina Ahmeti, 22, and Nikola Gjakoviç, 25, have successfully finished the fall 2008 semester at the Georgia State University (GSU) College of Law, in Atlanta. The International Connections Program, ajoint GSU College of Law-Atlanta Bar Association effort, offers internationa lstudents an American law school experience.
The fall 2008 semester is the first time Kosovar students participated in the program. The ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) facilitated the May 2008 competitive selection process, during which 24 students applied for the scholarships.

“I had the opportunity to take a course on corporations, the subject that I’m interested in the most, and the subject in which Americans are way ahead,” said Nikola, who added that his studies at GSU were a new experience.

In addition to course work, the students were offered internships with Atlanta law firms. They also visited the courts and observed mediation training at the Justice Center of Atlanta.

“Studying at the GSU College of Law was a big intellectual challenge forme,” said Kaltrina, “I started thinking critically and felt comfortable making judicial assessments as a future lawyer.”

The Kosovar students lived with American host families. Kaltrina had the added experience of joining her host, attorney Brynda Insley, at depositions, mediations, interviews, court sessions, lawyer meetings and other law-related events.

During their studies in Atlanta, the students were interviewed by the Atlanta Lawyer magazine. You can read their interviews at:

To learn more about our work in Kosovo, contact the ABA Rule of Law Initiative at <[email protected]>.