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August 20, 2007

Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo Recognizes Pro Bono Contributors


The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo recognized and honored the many volunteers who have contributed to its program success in Kosovo by granting Certificates of Award.

Country Director David Sip greeted those present, saying that “ABA has a rich history here, working with many of you here tonight, and we could not accomplish our work without you—you who have devoted significant time and effort to promoting the rule of law through your participation in the ABA. You who have served as pro bono volunteers deserve our appreciation.”

Among those who were recognized and issued the certificates of appreciation were: Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu, Minister of Justice Jonuz Salihaj, and President of Supreme Court and the Kosovo Judicial Council Justice Rexhep Haximusa.  Also recognized were Ramë Gashi, President KCA, Musa Dragusha Deputy President KCA, Lirie Osmani KCA, Florin Vertopi KCA, Destan Rukiqi KCA, Ymer Huruglica KJA, Enver Hasani Rector UP, Hava Ismajli Dean Law Faculty UP, Radio Television of Kosova-RTK, Television 21-TV21, TV Mitrovica, TV Liria, TV Prizren, Zyhra Ademi Prosecutor, Yll Zekaj KCA, Ardita Hima Kosovo Education Center, Blerta Gagica Intern, Law Faculty UP, Naim Spahiu Intern, Law Faculty UP, Mirlinda Dreshaj, Teen Law, Fikrie Sahiti, Teen Law, Kathy Ladun, Legal Specialist Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo, Rosalie Matthews, Intern, Law Faculty US, Eric Sutton, Intern, Law Faculty US, Kathleen Weir and Timothy Baland International Judges, Blerim Gjoci Prishtina Film, Dardan Rakovica Galeria “Lumi”. And certificates of appreciation for outstanding support were sent to: Michael Greco, ABA, Martha Barnett, ABA, Douglas T. Francis, Legal Specialist, Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo, Mary Pat Treuthart, Legal Methodology; Pedagogical Training; Speedy Rice, Legal Methodology; Pedagogical Training; Dan Webster, Outreach Training KJA.

For more information please contact Country Director, David Sip at [email protected]