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August 20, 2007

Kosovo Law Students Complete Popular Methods Course


Students of the University of Pristina Law Faculty “Legal Methodology II” course were recently issued certificates for regular attendance and completion of the course.  The top students received additional books for their quality participation.

The course provided law students with foundational tools for understanding modern legal studies and legal reforms taking place.  Newly introduced laws and legal methods require attorneys to use critical thinking and flexible analysis in order to effectively represent clients.  The course emphasizes critical thinking in theory and practice, followed by training and development of critical thinking through case analysis and argument, and concludes with the demonstration of learned skills through motion preparation and oral argument.

The course was developed by U.S. professors Speedy Rice and Mary Pat Treuthart, and was launched in 2006.  Professor Treuthart recently returned to Pristina, and was amazed and enthused by the popularity that the course has reached in a short period of time.

For more information please contact Vjosa Hasanaj at [email protected]