May 01, 2009

KCA members engaged in discussion during the strategic

KCA members engaged in discussion during the strategic planning workshop

KCA members engaged in discussion during the strategic planning workshop

May 2009

On April 25, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) organized a strategicplan implementation workshop for 24 members of the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates’(KCA) Executive Board and committees.

The KCA members discussed the five strategic goals set by the KCA’s 5-yearstrategic plan, which was published in February 2009 with the aim of assuringthe chamber’s sustainability. Workshop participants came up with guidelines ondeveloping activity calendars for selected committees. ABA ROLI LegalSpecialist Dawn Schock, who has worked with the KCA throughout the strategicplanning process, facilitated the workshop.

“This is the most important document that the KCA has ever developed,” saidKCA President Musa Dragusha at the opening of the workshop.  He stressedhis commitment to following through with the goals outlined in the plan. “Nowit is our duty to implement the plan and follow its guidelines,” he said.

Working groups identified priority tasks for each section, including for thecommittees on continuing legal education, ethics and discipline, administrationand for the Executive Board. The notes and calendars developed by thosegroups were distributed to the appropriate committees. The KCA strategic planwill govern the work of all KCA committees. At the end of the workshop,KCA members attended a budgeting training to enhance their financial managementskills.

The strategic plan will be distributed to the KCA membership at the next assemblymeeting planned for June. 

Click here to download the electronic version of the KCAStrategic Plan. It is also available in Albanian and Serbian.

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