July 09, 2007

Young Serb Jurists Assemble for Inaugural Roundtable on the Legal Profession in Kosovo


The Rule of Law Initiative and the Committee for Women and Minorities of theKosovo Chamber of Advocates (KCA) recently hosted a seminar titled “Enteringthe Legal Profession in Kosovo.”  The seminar, held on June 23, 2007,attracted many Serb law graduates living in eastern Kosovo.  This was thefirst seminar organized for Kosovar Serbs by the KCA Committee and marked thefirst event collaboration between the Rule of Law Initiative and the KCA. 

The seminar included panels on structure of the Kosovo judiciary, as well asinstructional panels on joining the KCA and registering as a law intern. Attendees were enthusiastic about the program and requested additional seminarson issues including Kosovo property law and civil procedure. Organizersdistributed bar exam preparation materials to attendees.


For more information on this event, please contact Kathy Ladun at kladun@ceelikosovo.org