June 11, 2007

Rule of Law Initiative Rolls Out Teenlaw Program in Kosovo

Law student and TeenLaw instructor Mirlinda Dreshaj, soeaks about Kovoso's courts with tenth graders in a Pristina high school.


On May 9, the Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo rolled out its Teenlawpilot program, a course that introduces Kosovo's legal system to local highschool students. With the support of the Kosovo Ministry of Education and the University of Pristina Law Faculty, the Rule of LawInitiative arranged for students from the law faculty to teach tenth graders ata Pristina high school about Kosovo‚Äôs court system. 

The Rule of Law Initiative developed the program with the aim of filling agap in the high school civics curriculum in Kosovo, which does not cover thejudicial and legal systems, as well as to increase public awareness anddialogue about law and its role in society.  The pilot program proved asuccess judging by the vigorous questioning and debate from the students onissues as diverse as the influence of politics on the court system, corruption,and the function of parallel courts in Kosovo. The program also receivedpositive feedback from the civics teacher and ministry officials who observedthe classes.

The Rule of Law Initiative developed the content of the course throughconsultations with the Law Faculty and education officials.  The ABA plans to expand thepilot program in the Fall to cover more topics and more students, andeventually incorporate TeenLaw into the high school curriculum. 


For more information, please contact Laura Rakovica, at <lrakovica@ceelikosovo.org>.