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June 11, 2007

Interactive Teacher Training for University of Pristina Law Faculty

Professor Mary Pat Treuthart, of Gonzaga University School of Law, and Sefadin Blakaj, Assistant Professor at Unversity fo Pristina Law Faculty and workshop co-presenter, shown together during the May 14 workshop.


On May 14, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative, in cooperation with the University of Pristina Law Faculty, organized twoworkshops for the school's professors. The workshops were conducted byProfessor Mary Pat Treuthart of Gonzaga University School of Law.

The first workshop followed up on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)workshop of November 2006, and focused on the calculation of coursecredits.  Professor Treuthart co-presented the session together withassistant professor Sefadin Blakaj, who is the coordinator for ECTS credit forthe Pristina Law Faculty.  The second workshop, designed for assistantprofessors, dealt with interactive teaching methods.  Participantsexchanged their experiences in the classroom and learned new teaching techniquesfrom Professor Treuthart.

These were the fourth and fifth faculty workshops organized by the Rule ofLaw Initiative for Pristina Law Faculty members this academic year. Professor Treuthart launched the series when she was in Pristina last yearleading a new course Legal Methodology. The workshops have been verywell received and the law faculty collectively expressed interest in continuingthese gatherings to further improve the quality of the students’ education.


For more information, please contact Vjosa Hasanaj, at <[email protected]>.