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May 04, 2007

"Justice Kid" PSAs Launched in Kosovo


Justice Kid, the first ever Kosovo-made cartoon hero, premiered on Kosovo TV screens for the first time on March 30, 2007, following an official launch by the Rule of Law Initiative, the Kosovo Chamber of Advocates (KCA) and the Kosovo Judges Association (KJA). 


The Rule of Law Initiative, KCA and KJA developed three Justice Kid cartoons as well as three public service announcements as part of a joint campaign to increase public understanding of the law. Justice Kid reaches out to the young generation with messages regarding gender equality, rule of law and human rights.  The PSAs are designed to inform and mentor citizens on their rights and on their role and obligation to report suspected misconduct by judges and lawyers.  The cartoons and PSAs are being broadcast on both national and local television stations that have agreed to broadcast the spots throughout 2007.

David Sip, Director of the ABA Rule of Law Initiative in Kosovo, welcomed attendees to the launch and emphasized that “through this campaign, the ABA wishes to achieve better awareness and understanding of the rule of law which will lead to increased confidence in the judicial system.”  He added that he hopes “these cartoons bring a positive role model to the children of Kosovo.”

Rexhep Haxhimusa, Chief Justice of the Kosovo Supreme Court, who appears in one of the PSAs, also spoke at the event, expressing the need to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo through such projects and adding: “Rule of law is a condition sine qua non to the building of a rule of law society.” 

Please click here to view the Justice Kid PSAs .

For more information, please contact Arianit Osmani at <[email protected]>.