June 11, 2007

Kosovo Lawyers Study Ethics in Ireland

Members of the KCA Committee for Ethics and Discipline pose with Philip Joyce (holding red folder), President of the Law Society in Ireland.


On April 29, a delegation of eight members of the Kosovo Chamber ofAdvocates’ (KCA) Ethics and Discipline Committee traveled to Dublin for a study tour as part of theABA-sponsored project to revise the KCA Ethics Code and disciplinarysystem.  The study trip was arranged and organized by World Learning inKosovo.

The delegation spent six days as the guests of the Law Society of Ireland, anational organization of lawyers (solicitors) of Ireland. The main goal of the studyvisit was to introduce the experience of their Irish counterparts in the fieldof legal ethics and discipline, which in turn might serve as a basis fordeveloping a new and functional disciplinary system for the Kosovo Chamber ofAdvocates. The KCA members were able to observe how the disciplinary systemsfor both solicitors and barristers operated in Ireland.

Currently the KCA Ethics & Disciplinary Committee is working ondeveloping a new disciplinary model for Kosovo which will be sent for approvalto the KCA’s Executive Board and later to the KCA Assembly this summer.


For more information, please contact Fatmir Kutllovci, at <fkutllovci@ceelikosovo.org>.