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June 11, 2007

Kosovo Office Produces Manuals for Pristina Law Faculty


The Rule of Law Initiative office in Kosovo recently published two manualsfor the University of Prishtina Law Faculty. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) was developed for aworkshop led by Professor Thomas H. Speedy Rice of Washington and Lee UniversityLaw Schoolin Virginia. Interactive Teaching Techniques was developed by Professor Mary PatTreuthart of Gonzaga >University Schoolof Law & the Institute for Law School Teaching in Washington. Streetlaw providedmaterials in the creation of the manual.

Professors Rice and Treuthart have traveled several times to Kosovo toassist the Rule of Law Initiative and the Law Faculty in developing new coursesand teaching methods.  The manuals and workshops complement the LawFaculty’s comprehensive offerings of substantive law courses, as well as theABA-developed legal clinic and legal methodology course.  The manuals areavailable in Albanian and English.

For more information, please contact Arianit Osmani at <[email protected]>.