June 11, 2007

Regional Advocacy Training In Almaty

Kazakhstan juvenile justice expert Svetlana Vitkovskaya leads a forum on the theory and practice of juvenile advocacy.


In partnership with the Kazakhstan Union of Advocates and the Almaty CityBar, the ABA Rule of Law Initiative co-sponsored and helped present a regionaltraining session for advocates who work in Central Asia.The forum took place in the joint training center of the Union of AdvocatesCity Bar on May 28, 2007. Approximately 21 lawyers participated. Funding forthe event was provided through ABA Rule of Law Initiative Regional AdvocacyProgram grants from the United States Department of Justice and the UnitedStates Agency for International Development.

The theme of the training was “Criminal Advocacy: Common Experiences, CommonProblems.” The advocates shared information on the state of the law in theirnations, and were able to recognize that despite the differences in codes andprocedures, their professional work was similar. They also discussed issues andproblems that were common to their experiences—and learned how their colleagueshad successfully resolved them.

Madina Mukusheva, Director of the Training Center, introduced theCenter and its program to the advocates. The morning session was moderated byGulnara Baygazina, a member of the Presidium of the Almaty City Bar, who wasjoined by Ivan Abrams, technical legal advisor with the ABA Rule of LawInitiative in Almaty. Daniyar Kanafin, a member of the Presidium of the Unionof Advocates, followed with a discussion about the status of criminal justiceadvocacy in Kazakhstan,and was later joined by presentations and discussions from other regionallawyers.

In the afternoon, Kazakhstanjuvenile justice expert Svetlana Vitkovskaya led an open forum about the theoryand practice of juvenile advocacy, and ABA Rule of Law Initiative staffattorney Zhan Kunserkin facilitated the summary and open forum that concludedthe day.

The event was planned and organized by ABA Rule of Law Initiative staffattorney Nozima Medeubayeva.


For more information, please contact Heather Safrank at <hsalfrank@staff.abanet.org>.