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August 20, 2007

Georgia Moves Forward with Ratification of the UNCAC


What is the purpose of the United Nations Convention against Corruption(UNCAC)?  How congruous is Georgian legislation with the UNCAC?  What steps could the government of Georgia take to ensure effective implementation of the treaty?  The Rule of Law Initiative’s Georgia office, together with the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, discussed these and other questions at a February 23 presentation of the report, The United Nations Convention against Corruption and Georgian Legislation. The groups presented the report at the First Republic Hall of the Parliament of Georgia.

Approximately 70 people attended the presentation, among them members of parliament, the Deputy Minister of Justice, the Parliamentary Secretary of the President, as well as representatives of relevant government agencies and local NGOs.  The U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Mark Perry and the UN Development Program Assistant Resident Representative Matilda Dimovska opened the event.  Mark Perry congratulated the government of Georgia on continuing the efforts to combat corruption and encouraged the government to take advantage of the Initiative’s report as the country faces the tremendous task of ratifying and implementing the Convention.  During thepresentation, the UNCAC experts highlighted the main findings of the report regarding anti-money laundering, transnational asset recovery, and cooperation on anti-corruption matters.  The State Chancellery representative informed the audience about the government plans concerning UNCAC ratification and noted that the report would significantly accelerate this process.  The Initiative’s Georgia office will continue to work with the government and Parliament to ensure the timely ratification of the Convention.