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Regional Criminal Justice Initiative Holds Training on Combating Organized


Between June 18 and 22, the ABA's RegionalCriminal Justice Initiative (RCJI) held the 5th round of its "Enterprise Theory of Investigation and the Use ofSophisticated Techniques in Combating Organized Crime" training course atthe National Police Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.Twenty-six law enforcement officials participated in the class, including 19police investigators, 5 military investigators and 2 prosecutors. In contrastto previous rounds, this was the first time the majority of the training wasprovided by Bulgarian instructors, most of whom had been trained previously byRCJI. As an additional indication of the sustainability of these trainings,RCJI provided only minimal financial support for this course. As with previoustraining courses, this one was a joint effort of RCJI with the Bulgarian Ministryof the Interior and the Bulgarian Supreme Cassation Prosecutors' Office.


For additional information on RCJI or the course, please contact DetelinIvanov, RCJI Staff Attorney, at <>.